Anybody who isn’t embracing today’s digital transformation is getting left behind. That explains why most paying jobs in the highly competitive IT industry are some of the best paying jobs. So what do technology jobs pay? 

The median IT job salary is almost twice as high as the annual salary in a range of other professions. And if that weren’t enough, there is a growing list of promising careers in information technology where employment is projected to grow 11% between 2019 and 2029, according to the latest report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Naturally, for those who like technology, high-paying IT tech jobs are hard to resist. 

Five highest paying tech jobs

The IT sector has been booming for decades, and in today’s economy, it’s a gateway to some of the highest paying careers. But that doesn’t mean that all IT jobs are created equal. Some are better than others, especially when it comes to salary. 

Our comprehensive research of the current jobs in information technology and the average wages will provide you with the information you need to choose the best-paid career path in the IT industry after graduation. Of course, that doesn't mean that you’ll get to slip into the role of an IT manager straight out of university. The best paying jobs in technology require additional courses, training, and at least a few years of experience in the industry. Below are some of the more common IT jobs: 

  • Data engineer

In an era of big data, companies are increasingly investing in individuals who can design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. Today, a data engineer can work in almost any industry making this the top highest paying job with a median salary of $155,500. Many launch their careers in this field with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and by becoming intimately familiar with coding, ETL systems, data storage, automation and scripting, big data tools, and data security. 

To secure the best paying IT job, many get certified to validate their skills to potential employers. Whether you’ve just completed your studies or you’re looking for new career opportunities, this profession requires you to start with an entry-level position and pick up new skills before you can move up the ladder to more advanced roles. It’s important to mention that this isn’t the right job for you if you aren’t a fan of working in teams and communicating across multiple departments. 

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

This is a managerial IT job post that centers on planning and directing research and facilitating tech-related activities of firms. Computer managers or IT project managers have some of the highest paying IT jobs, with a median salary of $142,530. 

Employers looking to fill this position generally look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in technology. They also need to be familiar with all stages of database development, programming, and network configuration and have appropriate skills for organizing different teams and departments. Their responsibility is to delegate tasks, create short-term and long-term plans, as well as accommodate the needs of individual team members. 

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist

The median computer information technology salary for this job position is $118,370. At the moment of writing our guide, there were more than 31,500 openings for a computer and information research scientist. Sounds like a good opportunity for a stable and well-paid career. So, what are the primary duties of a computer and information research scientist

This profession involves inventing and designing new technology and finding new uses for existing computing technology. Many people in this position are government employees, working on solving complex problems in computing and coming up with new ideas for using tech in the fields of medicine, science, and business. 

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

The next profession on our list of the best IT paying jobs is hardware engineer. This job comes with an information technology salary of around $114,600. Unlike the aforementioned computer-related jobs, a computer hardware engineer works directly on developing hardware components - processors, memory chips, routers, etc. 

Hardware engineers don’t work on developing software and apps, but they use them to test the hardware functions. The objective is to advance new computer technology by creating improvements in computer hardware.

  • Computer Network Architect

Among today’s top-paying IT jobs is a computer network architect. If you’re considering this career path, your main duties will include designing and maintaining various data communication networks in your business organization. This means taking care of local area networks, wide area networks, and intranets. 

Like other technology jobs, a career as a computer network architect requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information tech systems. However, even after completing your education, you’ll need to learn other things to understand how network architecture works. 

When it comes to IT salaries, this one is among the high-paid jobs. The median salary is $109,020. 

Highest paying computer jobs for an entry-level position 

You may not get your dream job right after you graduate, but the good news is that the  IT field offers many options and enables you to advance quickly. However, first, you need to start with an entry-level position. There are various technology jobs for an entry-level position. We’ll throw the spotlight on some of the best options for entering this niche and locking down a decent salary. 

  • Computer Support Specialist

If you like computers and helping others, a customer support specialist job may be the right fit for you. Like many other entry-level computer science jobs, this role requires a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. Some companies may hire candidates even if they don’t have a degree but possess excellent communication skills. 

As a computer support specialist, you’re expected to assist computer users with things like log-in difficulties, operating system, and software malfunctions, as well as hardware-related problems. The median salary for this job role is $52,270. 

  • Web Developers 

Web developers are responsible for creating and designing websites. This usually involves a multistep process that includes coding and coming up with innovative new designs. Web designers are also responsible for identifying and removing bugs.  

When it comes to computer technology salaries for this job position, beginners can expect an average of $69,430. An associate’s degree is also required. 

  • Computer Programmer

Computer programmers write and test codes for software. They work on designing and updating software apps to enhance efficiency. Computer programmers work closely with developers to create programs. They also need to know various programming languages, including C++, Java, and others. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science for this job. The median salary is $84,280.