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The famous Chinese philosopher Confucius once said that life is simple and people are the ones complicating it. The Leftronic team thinks alike and wants to make things easy. Instead of wondering what you (our readers) want to know, we encourage you to contact us and ask away! We’ll be happy to help! 

When should you contact us?

Feel free to reach out whenever you have questions related to our site’s content. Quick questions about the data we deliver and suggestions on how to make our content better are most welcome. Just shoot us a question, and we’ll be happy to discuss all relevant topics! 

When to avoid getting in touch? 

As much as we like staying in contact with our readers, in some instances, your inquiries are frowned upon. For instance, if you’re unhappy about a product we’ve reviewed, don’t contact us, because we can’t really influence policies belonging to the companies and products we review. 

If you’re looking for link exchanges or you sell links, please don’t contact us since we tend to keep our site paid-link-free and provide our readers only with relevant and engaging content.

In all other cases, don’t be a stranger, fill in the form below!