PHP Developer Jobs

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            echo “Hi, I’m a PHP script!”;




If you are able to understand this, it means that you are well-versed in PHP. If not, that’s okay. You are still learning and are perhaps interested in finding out more about it. 

PHP is a scripting language that only developers and professionals can understand. Speaking its language opens up the door to many opportunities and career paths. 

This is what PHP developer jobs basically require. Being able to talk to the script and tell it what to do.

Not everyone is able to speak the same language as the PHP script. The good news is that this knowledge is very much attainable. Mind you, it doesn’t happen overnight, as you can’t really download the knowledge in your head as a computer does. But with time and effort, it is very much manageable.

Today we will talk about what it takes to become a PHP developer!

PHP Stats (Editor’s Choice):

The stats are here to give you an insight into the significance of PHP jobs.

Thinking about starting a career with PHP? Wanna learn more about it? 

Let’s go down the rabbit hole to PHP Wonderland and see what it’s all about.

No magical potions needed, just a little bit of attention.

What is PHP?

If you are new to this, we need to get one thing out of the way: 

PHP is a scripting language, not a programming language.

It is a server-side scripting language used for developing static or dynamic websites or applications, meaning that it can be used for making all kinds of websites.

A PHP script can only be interpreted on a server with PHP installed, while on the other side client computers that access it only need to have a browser.

But who is the person, or better yet, the mastermind behind developing most of our favorite websites?

What is a PHP developer?

A person working with PHP needs to write, test and maintain the source code for websites, programs, or applications using PHP. Developers usually maintain the code for the back-end of the website. However, on some occasions, they are involved in the front-end.

The developer’s job involves creating user logins, e-commerce checkout flows, image and file uploading, and maintaining blogs and forums. Some other responsibilities include user training, software testing, and website administration.

If you are a novice, all of this might sound scary to you. Chill, it’s not a boogie monster.

Hold my hand tightly as we find out about the requirements of becoming a PHP developer.

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Job Requirements

Software development companies are the usual suspects when it comes to PHP employment. They are the ones that most often look for skilled PHP developers for various types of jobs and activities.

There are a few basic requirements for this position:


Most developers are going to look for an employee that has at least a Bachelor’s degree. This type of degree is almost always requested by employers. It is needed even for almost every type of job out there, be it manual testing, PHP,  Java developer jobs or others.

It is best for candidates to have a degree in either information technology, computer science, software engineering, or any other IT-related field. It would be even better if the bachelor’s program included courses in computer architecture and algorithms, object-orientated programming, data structures, operating systems, and web programming.


Candidates with training will have a bigger advantage when applying for a job. You can apply for an internship of about two to four months at an IT company and get the necessary training and experience to advance your PHP developer skills.

There are certain short-term tutorials also available and even added classes at school that one can take to expand their knowledge of PHP. Short-term courses include PHP for beginners, PHP with Laravel, PHP with MySQL, and object orientated PHP.

A little bit of training will not hurt and it goes a long way in the eyes of the employers.

Technical Skills

Although education is very important, employers mainly look for specific technical skills for any PHP-related kind of a job. Proficiency with Ajax, MySQL, CSS, HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript are essential requirements that you will find in almost every PHP developer job description.

Actually, it is best to have as many technical skills as possible. There are many unexpected situations in this kind of job, such as fixing mistakes made by a web designer, for example. If one is capable of resolving those issues on their own, it gives them a great advantage.

Technical skills are necessary both for freelance work and corporate environments.

Work Experience

Work experience can be paramount for any PHP related type of job. However, it still depends on the level of seniority of the position you are applying for.

The position for an entry level PHP developer requires zero to two years of experience. Mid-level positions expand to required work experience of two to four years. Employers demand at least five to eight years of PHP work experience for a senior position.

There’s one more vital thing you need to know of. It involves…

Soft Skills

Yes, exactly! Soft skills! They are a very important aspect of every kind of job, not just this one. They are usually a combination of personal attributes and traits that employers look for.

We won’t get into too much detail, we will just mention the most important soft skills needed for PHP developer jobs:

Problem-solving – A developer needs to have a sharp mind and be able to resolve the issues that occur during the creation process. Identifying and analyzing the problem is paramount. One needs to be able to come up with a possible solution quickly. 

Adaptability – Being able to adapt to a certain situation and acquire new skills along the way is highly important. It is a trait that even a freelance PHP programmer should have. Adaptability will allow the programmer to adjust to a changing situation and react to it positively. The programmer also needs to be able to react to comments and criticisms in a positive manner and learn from them.

Critical thinking – Having critical thinking abilities allows a developer to think about and mentally test the solution before choosing the most efficient one. Being able to assess the facts and details of a problem before actually trying to resolve it as an extremely good skill to have.

Empathy – This skill is not something really necessary for remote PHP developer jobs. It is, however, extremely good if you are working with other people. You have to fully understand the problem that the team is facing and help everyone work together. Additionally, it allows developers to create products that will be useful from the viewer’s perspective. That way they understand better what the requirements of a site are and allows them to implement it to the fullest.

We just need to add one final thing which may not be a skill per say but is very important to have – Continuous learning. Almost everything that one does requires you to learn constantly and so do  PHP jobs. This is especially important when it comes to technology as it is constantly developing and advancing. One cannot afford and miss out on the latest development as they will struggle in the long run.

Now when you know what skills you need to master, you should might be feeling more comfortable applying for such jobs.

But before you do, let’s talk about some responsibilities and tasks, handled by PHP developers.

Responsibilities of PHP Developers

PHP developer jobs come with many responsibilities. Each company, each job, each project might differ. But there are some general responsibilities that you will find for almost all types of positions that you apply for.

Let’s see which responsibilities are these…

Development & Database Optimization

PHP developers are required to create a portal with an optimized database. Developers need to use their knowledge in order to create a site based on the final plan. The end product has to be dynamic and the end product has to include the advantages that a PHP script proposes.

Code Analysis

A PHP website developer needs to conduct a constant analysis of the website and the webpages. Every new idea needs to be carefully assessed and analyzed in order to see if it can actually be implemented. Additionally, features of the sites’ functionality need to be included as well.


Developers need to check the site they have created for any possible errors. After that, they will get feedback from the client. Errors have to be fixed and resolved in order to finalize the site. After approval is given and everything is okay, the site is ready for implementation.


A crucial part of the duties of a PHP web developer is maintenance. The job doesn’t end when the site or page is complete. Next come maintaining it, continuously updating it, improving user experience, changing or adding functionality, and improving visibility. The aim is to make the site better and functioning as long as possible.

When you look at a job ad you will most likely see all kinds of different responsibilities included, but they all boil down to the ones mentioned above.

But as Liza Minnelli says “Money makes the world go around,” so the next section will be about salaries.

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PHP Developer Salary

Right of the bat- PHP developers get paid really well. In fact, this position also offers a lot of room for development, which means you a hefty amount of money as you advance through the ranks of the PHP world.

However, you need to understand that each region, each company, platform, country or city has different standards. The amount of money that you might be paid at a certain place will be different elsewhere. Thus one cannot really determine the exact number of wages.

But we can roughly determine it with the help of some stats:

  • Junior PHP developer jobs pay an average amount of $60.997 per year as opposed to senior PHP developers, who get paid an amount of $101,792 averagely.
  • The lowest sum for a junior developer will be $26,000, while the highest is $92,000. Seniors, on the other hand, are paid as low as $36,000 or as high as $140,500.
  • The average salary for PHP developers on ZipRecruiter is $85,955, with the lower limit being around $15,000 and the higher averaging at $136,000.
  • A freelance PHP developer hourly rate is between $61 and $80. The lowest sum is $41-60 an hour while the highest is $141-160.
  • Glassdoor lists an average salary for PHP developers at $75,126 a year. The lower average amounts to $12,000 a year and the higher average goes at $101,000 a year.
  • In the United States, PHP developers can earn a yearly salary of $88,106, the lowest salaries reaching $28,000 a year and the highest – $180,000.
  • As far as the United Kingdom goes, the average pay for PHP developers is £47,500. The lowest salary is around £37,500 and the highest – £62,500.
  • PHP contract jobs will earn you between $300 and $450, depending on the project.
  • Other European countries like Germany offer an estimated average salary of €49,000. The lowest is €37,000 a year, while the highest wages go to €65,000 on average.
  • PHP developers in India with up to a year of experience can expect to earn 61.000 INR. With one to four years of working experience, the figure will jump to 84,400 INR a year. While the most senior developers with five to nine years of working experience will earn 149,000 INR.

This pretty much covers the salary part. As you are able to see the figures do fluctuate, in some cases drastically, based on the country or seniority level.

And while we are at the subject of location, up next…

Where to Find a PHP Related Job?

Are PHP developers in demand?

Very much so!

In fact, this position has started to gain more and more popularity. Many companies around the world are searching for experts in the field.

In today’s world where everything is done on computers, knowing a scripting language like PHP gives you are a massive advantage. 

But one question still remains:

Where to start?

The biggest market today with the highest need for PHP professionals has to be the US. It offers the most opportunities, as all the major companies are there. However, PHP developer jobs from home are also a thing and are very popular there as well.

Just take a look at some of the platforms that offer such positions:

  • Glassdoor lists 27,657 PHP-related job openings currently in the US.
  • On LinkedIn, you will be able to see 229,403 PHP-related jobs, available in the USA, with additional 1,700 positions for remote workers.
  • Indeed lists 8,000 PHP-relate jobs across the US.
  • If you are looking for a PHP job in USA on ZipRecruiter, you will see 18,000 options.

However, as far as specific cities go in the US, Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, California has to be on your list. But mostly you have to look for jobs in the Big Apple.

New York City is considered a major and central hub for web development in the US. It is the biggest market in the country, so it makes sense that one should start from there. Almost every major platform offers 2,000 + job listings related to PHP development.

Additionally, working in New York City comes with various benefits. The usual PHP developer New York salary is $98,000 on average a year and can go up to $198,000 for senior developers. 

Tempted yet?

As far as cities away from the US go, Sydney and London are the best places to look for a career related to PHP.

We are almost at the end but before we go, we have some additional tips for you.

How to Become a PHP Developer?

The net will give you various tips and tricks to learn PHP and get involved in this field.

There is a clear path that you have to take. But before you ask yourself “How do I become a PHP developer?” know that the journey may be hard, but the fruits of the labors are plentiful in the end.

Firstly, acquire a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field! Having higher education helps a lot if you want a good starting position.

Second, get certified! In order to prove your skills to potential future employers, you need to have a piece of paper that supports your claim. There are many certifications related to PHP that you can pursue. They open a lot of doors, trust me.

Thirdly, get some experience! Every full stack PHP developer job description comes with the required experience. Internships are a good way to get more hands-on practice if you are a beginner. It will surely boost your resume. 

Finally, get involved! As you were able to see from the information given above, there are many places to find jobs in relation to PHP. If you have the necessary skills it will come easy. Simply search “PHP developer jobs near me” and you will be good to go.

To Conclude

Whenever I think of learning a new skill, I remember that Simpsons episode where Homer starts with an “Advanced Marketing” book.

In the next frame, he changes to “Marketing for Beginner,” realizing that he bit off more than he could chew.

Finally, he downgrades completely to a dictionary and looks up the word “Marketing”.

What I am trying to say is that each position requires certain skills and there are levels to it. Beginners who are trying to find PHP developer jobs should also keep this in mind.

This article will provide you with valuable information on how to acquire the skills and get everything you need in order to start your PHP career… So no dictionaries needed.

Hope you have a pleasant path towards your PHP goals!


Q: What is the starting salary of PHP developer?

A: The starting salary for PHP developers can vary and mostly depends on the company and country you’ve chosen. A junior developer will earn a yearly figure of $60,000 on average in the US. On the other hand, a PHP freelancer might earn the same depending on the job opportunities. The lowest that you can earn as a junior developer is around $25,000.

Q: What does a PHP developer do?

A: PHP developers use their skills and knowledge of PHP to create dynamic sites, pages, and applications for dedicated clients or companies. Among many other tasks, a developer primarily needs to write, test, and maintain the source code for applications, websites, and pages using PHP.

Q: What are the skills required for PHP developer?

A: When you want to find PHP programmers, you also need to assess their skill level. There are plenty of useful skills that people have. However, in some cases, it does not make them great options for the job. Generally speaking, PHP developers should first and foremost have knowledge about PHP apps. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge is a huge bonus. Communication skills, networking, project management and knowledge about finance are also really good skills to possess.

Q: Does PHP have a future?

A: PHP is one of the most used server-side programming languages with 75% of all webpages being powered by PHP. Even though some say that PHP is a dying language the need for this position has never been so high. Even the number of people looking for freelance PHP developer has increased additionally. Pursuing a career in PHP is a great option for one’s future. 

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