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A career in telemarketing sounds great. You get to talk to people, offer them insight into various products or services, and get them into a buying habit. However, with technological advancements and the internet, the need for telemarketing jobs is not increasing. The BLS estimates little-to-no-changes in employment at the moment, but also a slight decrease in the coming years.

With that in mind, this might not be the best time to enter this field. However, we have a solution for this and hope to raise your spirits. We’re going to provide you with a list of available jobs in this field, and all you’d need to do is prepare your resume and apply!

Best Telemarketing Jobs for 2020

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About Jobs in Telemarketing

When it comes to telemarketing, people believe it’s all about marketing and selling on the TV. But there’s much more to it. People who work in telemarketing actually market and sell all sorts of stuff over the phone. This can be products of various sizes and purposes, a company’s services or offers, and a variety of other commodities.

Call centers are the most common employers, where you can find various telemarketer jobs, depending on your skillset and industry preference. Having said that, call centers and telemarketers, in general, have gained a bad reputation in recent times.

This type of marketing strategy is aggressive, assertive, and somewhat annoying, seeing as the primary duty of telemarketers is to call people and try to sell them almost everything. In other words, telemarketing is a cold calling marketing strategy.

The good news is that with today’s technology and internet accessibility, you can find telemarketing jobs online and work from home. However, it will still be considered cold calling, although you will work from the comfort of your home.

And since this occupation has gained a bad reputation, the change to call techniques was immensely important, meaning telemarketing operations are now conducted in a friendly, informative, and efficient manner.

Cold calling or not, telemarketing is a fantastic opportunity for companies to increase their profits while reducing their marketing costs.

If you want to make it into marketing, and communicating isn’t your strong suit, consider applying for digital marketing jobs instead. But if you enjoy interacting with other people, then take a look at what types of opportunities are there in this field.

What Kind of Telemarketing Job Opportunities Are There?

Many people pursue a career in this field as a way to enter the sales trade. Telemarketing is an excellent way to achieve that, although it’s an entirely different ball game.

The principal trait of telemarketing is reading information off of scripts. There isn’t a lot of room for creativity, as telemarketers receive documents with the necessary information and sales techniques. Their job is to just read the script and present it in the most courteous manner possible.

Telemarketing jobs can be found in different industries. Many companies utilize this strategy in an effort to increase the sales rate of their products or services. Political bodies conduct opinion polls by using telemarketing. Fundraising and charity organizations also need the help of telemarketers to utilize this strategy properly.

Let’s take a look at what kind of opportunities are available and then proceed to delve deeper into the requirements, duties, and earning potential.

1. Part-Time Telemarketing Jobs

Part-time opportunities are the perfect choice for those who don’t have much contact with customers but want to, and also have the need for extra money. Working part-time doesn’t exclude the telemarketer of any obligations and duties. You will have the same amount of daily tasks as you would have if you were a full-time employee. The only difference is the working hours and the paycheck, which are cut in half.

Nevertheless, part-time telemarketing is an excellent choice for every individual who needs extra money or an upgrade in skill.

2. Online Telemarketing Jobs

We’ve mentioned previously that working from home is also a possibility. With the evolving nature of the internet and its accessibility and ease of use, telemarketing can now be attainable online. Work doesn’t always need to involve an office. Working from home, most of the time, is every bit as productive and efficient as working in an office.

There are numerous internet sites that promote and offer telemarketing services. Duties and responsibilities are the same — the telemarketer would identify prospects, telephone potential customers, and persuade them into buying.

3. Call Center Telemarketing Jobs

A call center is a company that specializes in employing telemarketers to offer, promote, and sell products and services to customers. These products and services belong to other companies that are actual clients to the call center.

Working in a call center means you would work alongside lots of other like-minded individuals. It has its benefits, but also drawbacks. Namely, call center telemarketers don’t have their own computer set and desk, and also little-to-no privacy, as it is a collective workspace — open and crowded.

4. Sales Telemarketing Jobs

Telemarketers have a set of obligations they need to complete during their typical workday. This means conducting thorough market research and identification of quality leads, conducting polls and surveys, soliciting donations, or selling a company’s products.

However, sales telemarketers are focusing only on selling companies’ products or services. Their job is to contact potential customers, explain their offer, or describe the product or service at disposal, and try to sell as much as possible. Increasing the sales rate will depend solely on the telemarketer’s skills and efforts.

5. Real Estate Telemarketing Jobs

Telemarketing in real estate exists and is a fantastic opportunity to work and earn hefty sums. Namely, real estate telemarketers are responsible for acquiring new listings, marketing properties, meeting clients in person, and closing deals.

The telemarketer needs to be fluent in English and an excellent communicator above all. Primarily, you would call home sellers in particular areas and explain the nature of listing appointments. You would also be in charge of marketing the listed properties, and of course, try to close deals and sell said properties.

6. Insurance Telemarketing Jobs

Insurance telemarketing is the same as real estate telemarketing, only with insurance products and services. This is a direct approach to marketing, which may involve face-to-face meetings, call conversations, or online video call conferences. Automatic calling is also a tactic that is widely used by insurance telemarketers. Usually, this involves pre-recorded sales pitches that automatically get played over the phone call.

The main idea is to sell insurance products or services using telemarketing techniques.

Everything You Need to Know to Apply and Work as a Telemarketer

A telemarketer’s job is to call people via telephone, offer, and persuade them into making a purchase.

There are two calling strategies in telemarketing — outbound calling and inbound calling. Outbound calling means a telemarketer is dialing a list of people and offering them various products or services. Inbound calling means a certain individual has shown interest in a product or seen an advertisement of a product and is calling the telemarketer for further info about it.

A telemarketing job is not easy, but it’s not too difficult either. Telemarketers often have a regulated script ahead of themselves, and all they need to do is be persuasive with their sales pitch.

Most of the time, telemarketers may receive two sets of lists — cold and warm leads. A cold lead means a telemarketer would initiate cold calling and explain products or services with the intention to sell. Outbound calling can be categorized as a cold calling technique.

A warm lead means an individual has shown interest in a product, and it’s in the telemarketer job description to persuade them and turn the interest into a purchase. Inbound calling can be categorized as a warm calling technique.

The success of both strategies will rely on the persuasion abilities of the telemarketer. It would also depend on the type of person the telemarketer is.

Some people are content with their work, and hardly try to improve themselves or increase their sales rates. Others, though, are more entrepreneurial and are seeking to upgrade their skill set as well as increase the sales rates in an attempt to get a promotion. This is why it’s better first to get an entry-level job and then work your way up the ladder.

Entry-level telemarketing jobs are the perfect opportunity, especially for college graduates. It’s a fantastic way to get employed quickly, start earning, and develop a valuable skill set. Many people make a solid career out of telemarketing. It may take years to progress and move up the ladder, but those who do might go on to become team leaders.

The next promotion may come in the form of management, and eventually, one day can turn into a Vice President position of the call center.

Let us now take a look at the specifics of this occupation, what you need to know to enter it successfully, the skills you need to possess, and the earning potential of telemarketing.

Telemarketing Job Description

Telemarketing is a fast-paced environment. To succeed, you will need to be extremely flexible and influential, above all. The primary tasks of a telemarketer are to generate sales by using cold calling or warm calling techniques.

You would be responsible for nurturing existing customers and look to influence potential customers to buy the company’s services or products. The ideal candidate needs to be friendly, assertive, and persuasive, and have an understanding of customer’s needs and requirements.

Telemarketing Jobs Requirements

To qualify for a position in telemarketing, you don’t necessarily need previous working experience. However, if you’re looking to meet the sales quota imposed by the employer, you would need to have the following skills and qualities:

  • High school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree
  • Previous working experience as a telemarketer or a similar role
  • Knowledge or experience with computer programs and telephone systems
  • Fluency in English
  • Formidable communication, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Be persistent, patient, and results-oriented

Telemarketing Duties

Responsibilities of telemarketers may depend on the person’s position, like an entry-level telemarketer, junior representative, or a manager. However, these are the main duties:

  • Cold call a list of leads to sell services or products
  • Answer incoming calls from warm leads, i.e., potential customers
  • Write down useful information and keep track of calls and sales
  • Use scripts to provide information on services or products accurately
  • Ask customers relevant questions to understand their requirements
  • Persuade customers to make a purchase by explaining how the product meets their needs.

Telemarketing Jobs Salary

Telemarketers receive an average monthly wage of $1,986, not including bonuses. Some companies issue a low salary, although they also offer a percentage for each sale generated. This means that additional cash compensation is available in various forms of bonuses. The average compensation ranges from a minimum of $301 up to a solid $13,968 per year.

  • Lowest salary: $18k
  • Highest salary: $34k
  • Average base salary: $23,839
  • Average additional compensation: $2,544

Telemarketing isn’t a highly lucrative occupation. However, it’s a great place to start and test your skills while also being able to earn the basic telemarketing salary. How much you can actually earn will depend on your preference, whether you want to work for a base pay or on commission. It also depends on the employer and how they advertise these jobs.

Work Environment

Telemarketers usually work 40 hours per week and may do so in three shifts, depending on the company’s clientele. Overtime work is rare, as are face-to-face discussions with clients. Most of the time, telemarketers work in a sitting position within the joint office, although remote telemarketing jobs are also a possibility.

Remote work is an excellent opportunity for those who want to work from the comfort of their home in a more peaceful and quiet setting.

Job Outlook

The employment outlook for this occupation records little-to-no changes in growth rate. Initial observations indicate an average of 21,400 new jobs being available per year. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates steady employment with projections estimating a slight decrease in telemarketer jobs within the next eight years.

Currently, there are over 168,000 telemarketing employees. However, a 2% decrease is estimated as an average for all states, meaning that specific states might actually see an increase instead, per initial projections.


Even though telemarketing has gotten a bad rep in recent years, it’s still a profound way of marketing a company’s service or products. Call centers are the biggest employers. However, many other companies are also offering lots of telemarketing opportunities to increase their sales rates.

In this article, we provided a filtered list of the top telemarketing jobs available and also gave our insight into the description, duties, and earning potential. We hope this information will help you make the right decision and land you a job.