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And now:

Job Seekers

Imagine your dream job and the salary you wish to receive.

Now, let’s face the scary question:

Am I qualified enough for the job?

And one more:

How familiar am I with the job description? 

Leftronic has a database that answers these questions and more!

There are plenty of recruiters who are searching for tech specialist and have a hard time finding the perfect match for the position. Perhaps you’re just that.

Career Types

In 2019, people who work what they studied in college are a rare sight. This trend is likely to stay.


A couple of reasons.

The one we’ll focus on today is technology.

How many tech employees do you know who have studied computer science at college? Many people in the tech field are either self-taught or have switched majors along the way.

Others have obtained a certificate for a tech job and skipped the whole college education thing altogether. And some have started building a website from scratch and never looked back to what they had once thought would be their long-life pursuit.

Also, beware of those Generation Z programmers…

Most started writing code at the tender age of 14.


They are tomorrow’s high performers. That is the competition, and the bar is really high! Those entry level tech jobs will be taken by Gen Z kids in no time. So, hurry up and start preparing yourself for some heavy lifting.

Here are some of the most sought-after IT careers right now:


The creation, maintenance, optimization, and monitoring of computer networks is a tough but rewarding gig.

Jobs in networking are a broad career field with various specializations. The most popular ones fall under the vague term network administration which includes many different technologies like VoIP, network security, and network engineering.

For example, monitoring the company’s network is the job of a tech analyst or administrator. They have extensive knowledge of hardware and software. They are the problem-solvers, they get in touch with the server providers, and they create solutions in the midst of chaos.

Networking tech jobs by type:
  • Network Manager
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Technician
  • Network Specialist
  • Network Solutions Architect
  • Network Engineer

Computer network technicians are multitalented people. They monitor the work of all the devices in the company, take care of new and old devices, provide access to servers, and much more. Their work includes prioritizing the workflow and establishing effective time management techniques.

One of the most important aspects of a networking technician’s life is having to stay up to date with the latest technologies. (Which is also valid for any tech job out there!) Trends change overnight, and you have to be up to the task. Networking technicians must be aware of the newest technological advancement and how to manage the evolution of technology. Sounds like a handful, and it is!

System Administration

Sysadmins are responsible for setting up and maintaining servers. The duties of a system administrator vary a lot in different organizations. In general, they are responsible for the configuration, maintenance and security, and resolve server outages.

Another part of the workflow of a sysadmin is setting up user accounts. They have to take care of all hard drives and their maintenance. It is up to the system administrators to repair malfunctioning hardware and monitor system performance.

System administrators fall into several categories:
  • Database administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security administrator
  • System analyst
  • IT support specialist

Additionally, they are responsible for the software of the organization they work for. And if that wasn’t enough, they have to install software, create file and backup systems, and install the updates.

And before we go on, a quick question:

Which superhero maintains the servers of Gotham City?

The system batmanistrator.

Oh, well. Next:

Web Development

What does a web developer do?

(King-of-the-Jungle kind of a job!)

Web developers are in extremely high demand. That being said, one of the first things to know about them is that they fall into different categories. There’s Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuf, and Slytherin… oh, yes, we’re talking developers here.

So, there are frontend, backend, and full stack developers. (The last ones are those with the big bank accounts). The front-end guys deal with the functionality within the browser, optimization, and the layout.

Backenders deal with the server.

And, as you probably already guessed, full stack web developers do both.

Mobile Development

The app market is an extraordinary place these days.

You can find an app about almost anything you can think of. (Yes, that’s a challenge!) And of course, app developers are making it rain. Have you heard about a little app called Instagram?

There’s a good amount of freelance app developer jobs out there that are always looking for new projects. There are iOS app developers, and there are Android developers.

Then there are those who develop apps for smartphones which run on Windows. Just kidding. Nobody makes apps for Windows phones anymore. And nobody ever did.

There are certain peculiarities in the field of mobile development. Usually, web developers on long-term contracts launch apps as a part of their job.

In terms of career types, let’s see what mobile development has to offer:

  • Mobile Android developer
  • Software mobile engineer
  • Mobile developer
  • iOS mobile app developer

The other option is to work from one short-term contract to the next.

Game Development

Since the dawn of video games, game developers have been the rock stars of the gaming industry. Jokes aside, there is a huge demand for game developers nowadays. Check out the latest Steam Statistics. They’ll tell you all you need to know about the magic of the gaming industry stats in 2019 and beyond.

If you are looking for game developer jobs, first you need to be a coding enthusiast. Admittedly, you don’t need a degree to do that, but an idea of how Java might come in handy. Still, this is not enough for a game developer. A good understanding of game engines is the next thing that we should mention.

Game engines are designed for people who play video games. Video gaming is a big deal! So many games, and upgrades, and seasonal features for existing games are released every year and the demand for specialists is on the rise.

In that context, do you know which are the most famous game engines include? Well, on the top of the list are UnityGameMaker StudioGodot, and HTML 5. Some of them are popular among beginners and experts alike.

In a nutshell – if you want to get into game development, you need to do your homework. Literally! Familiarize yourself with useful game engines and programming languages and whether those on your list are suitable for beginners. Luckily for you, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

What roles can you have in game development?

  • Web developer/software engineer
  • Virtual reality intern
  • World builder
  • Game designer/Level designer/Dungeon designer (yup!)
  • Game play tester

Game development has many aspects. You may start with object oriented programming (OOP) if you want to code the game, but you could also dive into level designing (a.k.a. environment designing –  creating video game levels), visual effects, or even writing and sound effects.

Cyber Security

Cyber security jobs entail the protection of computer systems, networks, and programs from unauthorized digital access. Cybercrime statistics will tell you why exactly the world needs cyber security specialists these days.

The big question is:

How can I land cyber security entry level jobs?

Three options:

  • with a degree
  • with certifications
  • with experience

Cyber security is one of the tech jobs where sector-specific diplomas are required. A degree in cyber security can be a major contributing factor during a job hunt. A general IT degree can also get you the job, but you won’t be the first choice of many employers.

On the other hand we have job hunters with certifications. It’s important that you apply for a cyber security job with security certifications. Such as:

  • GIAC – Global Information Assurance Certification
  • CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • SECURITY + – Comptia Security +

Now, remote cyber security jobs are popular among cyber security experts in the US. In some cases they are not 100% remote, and the specialist is required to visit the workplace when an issue occurs.

The types of roles one might have in the niche are:

  • Information Security Specialist
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • IT Specialist Information Security
  • IT Auditor

The major skills that are required of any cyber security employee include critical thinking and multi-tasking, understanding of technology, discovering vulnerabilities, creating solutions.

Fixing issues within the environment is the magic of cyber security.

Big Data 

Structured and unstructured data is all around us!

As our big data statistics convincingly show, the digital universe is growing by two times every two years. What’s more, over 2.5 quintillions of data were generated every single day in 2018. This information is stored, and marketers make good use of it.

You’ve probably noticed, monitoring user behavior in real time is a massive trend that will continue.

That’s one of the reasons why big data jobs are huge right now. We are talking about high paying jobs in a field that lacks experts.

What are you waiting for?

Now, it’s true that those jobs require tons of skills and experience. But once you get started and are doing a good job, you’ll have a trendy tech job with a large paycheck at the end of the month.

So, what types of big data jobs are there?

Let’s see the most popular big data career types:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Visualizer
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Spark Developer

Now that we have seen the different categories, we need a quick recap.

Career Types in a nutshell: 

  • There are different types of tech jobs out there. Choose well what’s best for you!
  • Do your research before you start – make sure you are aware of the requirements for every career type.
  • It is not necessary to have a degree in order to land an entry-level tech job. However, the requirements vary with every employer. So, different sets of skills might be considered either sufficient or unacceptable for an entry level tech job by different companies.
  • Make sure you follow the trends in the field you have chosen or yourself. Stay updated and keep researching the opportunities.
  • Working from home isn’t for everybody. Make sure your personal life doesn’t clash with your working hours and activities. Remote tech jobs take discipline and courage if you want to do your best. But we’ll talk about freelance jobs in a minute.

Let’s move on now. There are some questions we need to answer:

Job Hunting Techniques

When it comes to job hunting, everybody will give you advice. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a good advice, though.

We are here to give you the best advice that you can get from experts in the field of tech.

Expand Your Research

The basics are always the same – your research will build the foundation of your future job hunt.

How much effort are you willing to put in?

It’s not only talent that we need in order to succeed. But you already knew that. Regardless of the tech job you’re looking for, you need top-notch research before you start looking for job offers.

Headhunters will not look for the one with the most talent. They will look beyond the CV and will pick the candidate who will help the team strike the highest.

Those are a lot of qualities we’re talking about here. That’s why you need to expand your research if you want to make an impression.

Computer tech jobs are there for you –  and landing one may be easier than you think if you do your research well. Don’t skip that step, and you’ll be fine.

Now, here’s some advice for both parties:

  • If you are a candidate – make sure you showcase your unique skills and abilities, regardless of whether you have been asked or not.  If you learn to tell your story in a powerful way – you’ll have higher chances. Make sure other people know what you are capable of!
  • If you are a headhunter – before you make a decision, make sure that you’ve not been biased. The best thing you could do is to let technical people assess technical people – that’s the safest bet.

Here at Leftronic Jobs we present key aspects of job hunting that can make all the difference.

For example:

How to Make Your Job Hunt Successful?

Are you at the beginning of your professional career? It’s not only about finding a job. You are looking for a good job!

First, there are some differences in the expectations from the point of view of the candidate and the interviewer.

At interviews, candidates are asked about their skills in the beginning of the interview. After that – you’ll get questions like: “What are you best qualities?” or  “Why should we hire you?” Nowadays, soft skills are what you need in order to get any type of job. Effective communication is a must at every workspace.

Here are some points that you need to follow on the path of your successful job hunt:

  • Your tech job search will test your strength. Prepare yourself for all those times you’ll get a rejection. This is as important as preparing for the interviews.
  • Before an interview – find out as many things about the company as you can. Things like their mission statement, history of the product lines, clients, etc. can make all the difference during an interview.
  • Start looking for a job in a company with fewer than 500 employees. Two out of three job openings in the US are in such companies.
  • Research the market place. What salaries do the entry-level tech job employees receive in different fields?
  • Do you have to relocate in order to get the dream tech job? And can you afford the cost of living in the city you have chosen?

When you are building a meaningful tech career you need clarity of purpose. Applying brainlessly for jobs is not the right path for anyone who is dedicated to what they are doing and to their future as specialists.


Do you need a short break?

Have a look at our posts…

One learns something every day, you know:

OK, let’s move on:

Young People at the Labour Market

In 2019, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a summary of the current state of employment and unemployment among the US youth. According to the report, the level of unemployment among the youths of 16-24 years of age in 2019 is around 50%.

Now, in the tech world, the demand for experts is on the rise. If you are in the beginning of your tech career, now is the time to think about possible tech certifications you may obtain and secure your future position in the tech world.

The questions that any young person needs to ask themselves before they start preparing for the job they seek are the following:

  • What are my strong suits? Think about the skills that will make you shine at the job market.
  • What are my interests? They are very important for your future. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it is not likely that you’ll become an expert in your field. On the other hand, if you enjoy doing your job and the time flies when you’re doing it – you have a winner.
  • Who are the people who work in the field I have chosen for myself? Knowing the labor market is paramount. You need to know what to expect from the people who will eventually hire you. In other words – who is their competition, who are they working for, what is their target audience, etc.

So, what do inexperienced people normally do when they’re looking for a new job? When we search for a new job, the easiest thing to do is go online and enter a couple of keywords on a jobs website. If you are looking for a tech job, a big list of job offerings will pop out. After a few hours, you’ll have submitted several applications. However, remember the rule of thumb:

Don’t go with the easiest and quickest solution.


Because it’s not the most effective one.

There are things you should know about hiring procedures. For example:

How much do you know about applicant tracking software?

Applicant Tracking System

Small and mid-sized hiring teams cannot deal with the huge amounts of applications they receive. Applicant tracking software (ATS) tracks things like main keywords and phrases in the resumes of all the applicants. The software allows the employer to enter the keywords that are valuable for the purposes of the headhunt and search resumes for them.

Those that match the job requirements are selected, and the rest is history.

There are a couple of things you need to do to ensure that your resume makes the initial cut.  If your resume doesn’t use the exact words that have been entered in the ATS, it won’t go further than the trash bin.

Being eliminated because the applicant tracking system has cut you out does not mean that you are not good for the job. In fact, you could be the perfect candidate. That’s why you should make sure your resume passes the test of the software. Don’t let such an obstacle stand between you and your dream job!

After you have passed the ATS test, your application will go in the hands of a real human being. At that stage, your qualities will be tested instead of the keywords and phrases in your resume.

Let’s cut to the chase:

How do I get my resume past the applicant tracker?

  • Describe your experience using target-specific keywords.
  • Do not use images or tables in your resume, because the ATS will not recognise the keywords in them.
  • TagCloud or Wordle – paste your text on a platform that will visualize your keywords and will make clouds of relevant keywords for you. Choose the best keywords for your resume!
  • Bulletproof spell check (Be meticulous! Seriously!)
  • Make your resume a .doc or .docx. Not every ATS reads .pdf documents.

Being creative during a job hunting is important. And yet, it is more important to be well informed. Knowing how to get past the applicant tracking system is not cheating. Needless to say, adding information about yourself that is not truthful will not win you any credit once the ATS selects you as one of the candidates.

In other words, knowing how to be selected by the applicant tracking software simply gives you the opportunity to get your resume to the people in the human resources department.

Once you get there, you’ll have other questions to answer. Like the perennial:

“Why Should We Hire You?” 

This question WILL come up at an interview. It may take different forms. Like: Why are you the best candidate for the job? Why are you the right fit for this position? It’s the same question though!

You must be prepared to answer this question the moment you enter the interview room.

What do you do?

Panic? It’s always an option…

But there are better ways. Chill.

You want to land the dream tech job, but you won’t go anywhere without answering that question. You need to make a difference!


Those standard questions have standard answers. There are a lot of details we need to cover – you need a 1-2 minute answer. Let’s get to the bottom of this:

  • Be yourself! Don’t make up a fake persona, because if they end up hiring you… you’ll have two options. Either show them who you really are right away or maintain the fake personality for as long as you are an employee there. (Ouch!) There are other things you can do, some of them borderline illegal, so let’s not go there.
  • If they give you a chance to showcase yourself – go for it! Full speed ahead.
  • Listen to what they are asking you and read between the lines! Interviews are stressful enough, so staying focused is a challenge. (Yes, your hair looks good and yes, that was the right shirt to put on a Thursday. Focus now!)
  • One word – enthusiasm. The more confident and positive you feel, the higher your performance will be. Not always the easiest thing to do, but if you look like boiled lettuce  you are not helping your case.

So, “Why should we hire you?”…

It should NOT be a one liner!

Follow these three points in that order, and you’ll have the perfect answer:

  • Start by reviewing the job description – what are the most important qualifications for the position. Be specific so they know that you have come prepared and be careful with the details.
  • Make the strongest argument for yourself – how do you fit in the company mission statement? How do your interests and accomplishments make the company a better one?
  • What makes you different from the typical candidate? What additional qualities and/or skills do you have that will distinguish you and make you the perfect choice?

And most importantly – you MUST have the answer ready BEFORE you enter the interview room!

Let’s take a step back now and look under the rock that’s been bothering you:

YOUR Killer Resume

Everybody says:

You need a killer resume…

Cool. But how do I write one?

The key to a good resume lies in a little secret – focus on the person who reads it, and they MUST love it.

The people who will read your resume will judge you.

That is their job!

They have tons of applications to go through. YOURS needs to be the one that will make a difference, the one they will remember. (That doesn’t mean you should paint a pink elephant on your resume, don’t get any ideas.)

How is your resume going to stand out?

You need to present yourself as THE candidate who could solve THEIR problems. Meaning, they need a person who will make positive changes in the environment, who will be a responsible employee and help the company with the workload. One who is not afraid of a challenge and can be innovative. That’s you!

Things like…

I have researched your mission statement, and your firm commitment to X and Y truly inspires me. I want to be a part of your team.

… can show them you are not like most of the other candidates. It goes in the cover letter but you get the point. Say more about the company, less about yourself. That sounds a bit controversial, but consider this:

People like talking about themselves! In a conversation, each person likes to talk more and listen less.

Next time you write a resume, think about that.

IT resume

Not sure what your IT resume should contain? No worries!

As Jack Sparrow said:

Stick to the Code.

We made a checklist for you:

  • Contact Information – email address, home address, mobile, LinkedIn profile. Please don’t put your Instagram on there – you don’t want your future co-workers to see all the naked pictures from your last vacation. If they do – you’ll quickly become the weird person with the naked pictures on Instagram! That’s one way of saying – people, NO naked pictures on social media. Please!
  • Work Experience – starting with the most recent.
  • Education – starting with the most recent.
  • Technical Skills – Hardware, Software, Networks, Operating Systems, Security, Programming Languages (Guys, the list goes on and on. You can elaborate as much as you like here!)
  • General Skills – Communication skills, Problem Solving, Attention to Details, Teamwork, etc.

That’s what companies expect to see on a resume. In some cases, skills and experience may be more important than degree. Of course, a related degree in computer science or information technology will always be a plus for a tech job.

How Can I Improve My IT Resume?

If you need more things on your IT resume, here’s what you can do:

  • Create a personal project. That’s a great way to showcase your work and to let the creative juices flow.
  • Get a freelance job. More experience will win you more points.
  • Coding bootcamps. They cost between $10,000 and $24,000 and are a huge step in the right direction.
  • Get a volunteer job for your community and share it with your future employers.

Of course, there are factors you need to consider with each of these additional elements to your resume. Some of them are time consuming, others are very expensive on top of everything. But in both cases, you’ll be investing in your future or the future of your children!

More experience looks good on any resume.

And headhunters need to know that you have the necessary experience to join the company and contribute to their workflow.

You are ready to go now!

Best Cities for Tech Jobs

When thinking of Tech Jobs, it’s not all about Silicon Valley. The cost of living in the Bay Area will highly reduce your income. One of the best solutions is to get a high paying tech job in a region with lower cost of living.

With that in mind, cities like New York, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, and Minneappolis are the hottest locations for tech specialists in 2019. But are you willing to spend a large portion of what you earn on rent and transportation?

The highest paying tech jobs today are available all over the US. If you are looking for an opportunity to relocate yourself and have a fresh start somewhere else, you should know that there are a lot of opportunities.

Tech talent is in high demand, and salaries are on the rise. So, where does it make sense to get a tech job without spending your salary on rent and everyday costs. Here are the top destinations to land a tech job. Let’s start with the obvious:

San Francisco, CA

Without a doubt, San Francisco is the tech capital of the US.

Some of the hottest tech companies are located there. The list of companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area is breathtaking: NVIDIA, Tesla, Adobe, Salesforce, Intel, McAfee, Cisco Systems, EBay, Hewlett-Packard. If you want to land one of the tech jobs in San Francisco, the city is a job-offering paradise.

Now, the abundance of tech job openings is higher than ever in San Francisco in 2019. Some of the top tech companies in the world are looking for employees in the region, and this could be your big chance. Joining the tech sector might sound more difficult than it actually is. Follow the dream!

Washington, D.C.

Washington is the US city with the most tech job offerings in 2019. IT specialists are in demand in the capital, from data scientists to cybersecurity experts. Those who are entering the workforce now and need to make a decision whether to choose New York City or Washington, D.C. should know that there’s a simple rule to follow. Choose the industry you’d like to be a part of in the future.

A closer look at the tech job postings in Washington, D.C. will show you that all sorts of entry level tech jobs are available – IT specialists, web developers, information security associates, network technicians.

Next comes the Big Apple:

New York City

Looking at tech employment and wages is the city of New York is a dream of many. There is a great diversity in the NYC tech jobs – you can find any type of tech job you are on the look for in the metropolis.

Supporting the operation on Wall Street is the main reason there are so many tech jobs in NYC.  The resources that those companies can provide their employees with are astonishing – every young talent on the market will benefit from a top IT company in the Big Apple.

San Antonio, TX 

That’s the city with the lowest cost of living in the tech sector. The San Antonio tech district is growing strong in the last couple of years. The cost of living makes any high paying tech job more desirable than the same position in a more expensive city like San Francisco. The Texas tech jobs are in demand, and there are a lot of tech universities in the state.

Bottom line, if you land a San Antonio tech job, you’ll not only have a well-paid tech job, but you will not give away most of due to the cost of living in a big city.

What Kind of Job Fits You? 

Tech jobs are challenging in many ways. They require your full attention, time, and effort. The higher you climb the company hierarchy, the bigger the demand. Searches like entry level tech jobs near me come with the risk of accepting a position where you won’t reach your full potential and being stuck at a job you hated before you even started it.

No worries, now!

Let’s see what are the options here:

Freelance Jobs or In-house Careers

Many people who have never worked from home have a dream – to work from home!

Well, sometimes it’s not such a treat – just ask any freelancer. According to the latest freelance statistics, 57 million employees in the US are work remotely.


You need to know a couple of things before you seriously consider a freelance job. Some people lack the discipline, some – the initiative.

It depends on the person, actually. And the situation. If you are a stay-at-home mom or you need a part-time job to work night shifts when you need the extra money, freelance is the perfect solution for you.

The brick-and-mortar jobs are not the only option anymore. Freelance jobs are a dream come true for some, and a nightmare for others. It is a life-changing decision to work from home, or from the café that’s two blocks away from your place, or from the library with the nice view.

For example, as a member of an online tech support team, you can enjoy the advantages of a freelance tech job and make the best out of it. It is always a possibility to look for full-time employment.

Let’s see the pros and cons of freelance jobs first and ponder over the question at hand:

Pros of Freelance Jobs:

Among the most popular pros that most freelancers will boast are:

  • Flexible schedule
  • You can work and travel
  • Unlimited working potential
  • Freedom to select your clients
  • Freedom to pursue the projects you like
  • No personal contacts with colleagues (That’s also in the Cons, look down!)
  • Working with a variety of clients and projects
  • Spending no resources on commuting
  • No Secret Santa and other kind of office events (That’s also borderline. If you like this kind of thing, just ignore that as a pro…)

That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? But before you sign up for a remote tech job, please think about the not-so-desirable-but-still-there cons:

Cons of Freelance Jobs:

  • No security and poor communication (it depends on the job)
  • Inconsistent cash flow
  • No personal contacts with colleagues (Told you, it can go both ways!)
  • Fighting the feeling of isolation
  • Not being a part of a working place community
  • Constantly looking for new projects
  • No paid time off
  • No health insurance

See, lots of pros but lots of cons as well. Whether you decide to go with a freelance job or not depends on the stage of your life. Many young people choose freelance because it gives them the freedom they seek.

Later on in life, most people prefer the security of a paid vacation and a steady income and insurance.

How to Start an IT Career

Here is a checklist you can follow that can be useful for beginners. Being aware of the basic steps will keep you focused on the process and on the right path. Let’s see:

  • Research well – you need as much information as you can possibly gather in the beginning. Tech jobs require a set of skills that is challenging and gets time to master. Make sure you have researched the field before you get started.
  • Look for an internship in a high class company – it will not only look good on your CV, but it will also help you create contacts.
  • Attend IT-related events
  • Create your own website – self-promotion is a must.
  • Start applying for a tech job.

IT tech jobs are worth pursuing. In a world where technology takes an increasingly larger portion of our daily life, the significance of tech specialist increases as well.

Apple Tech Support Jobs

It is known that Apple employees work more than eight hours per day. Working for one of the tech giants is worth making a sacrifice like that. You’ll get all sorts of technical training, and you’ll get in touch with the latest tech innovations out there.

As a member of Apple’s tech support team, you’ll have to mentor and inspire younger specialists. You won’t only need a tech-heavy resume but also a personality that’s easy to work with, a can do attitude towards the needs of clients, and team leader skills.

The constant changing of customer requirements is what makes tech jobs for giants like Apple such a roller coaster. You won’t go there for the status or for the discounts. Being a part of the world of tech is an honor and a privilege.

Best Tech Jobs for the Future

Making predictions about the future of tech jobs in general is easy. If we take a look at the bigger picture, we already know that we’ll need fewer drivers because if self-driven cars, fewer construction and warehouse workers, and so on. A lot has been achieved thanks to the technological progress.

Preparing our kids for the tech jobs of the future is paramount. As much as 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet. Preparing the kids of today for the tech jobs of tomorrow is a challenge.

Wrap Up

Here we are, guys.

The world of tech doesn’t seem so dark and full of terrors anymore, does it?

Now you are prepared to start your research for the dream tech job. Now you are ready to search and find the next employee of the year. Now you’re confident that your job hunt will be successful when you follow some general rules and best practices.

Letftronic.com is there for you come rain or shine. (We are in tech jobs, not in poetry… as you can see!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What tech jobs are in demand?

The top 5 tech jobs of 2019 that are in the highest demand are all engineers – frontend, backend, full stack engineers, mobile and data engineers.

The opportunities for tech professionals continue to increase. According to IoT statistics, 93% of enterprises have adopted (or will adopt) some form of IoT technology by the end of 2019. So, the tech world is not going to stop looking for applicants any time soon.

What are the highest paying tech jobs?

The highest paying tech job for 2019 is computer and information system manager with an astonishing average salary of $142,530.

Data scientists are famous for receiving the big fat checks as well. The average data scientist salary in the US is $121,503 in 2019. Yup, those guys are making it rain…

Then there are web developers. They are doing pretty well these days as well. The average web development salary in the US is $72,220 in 2019. Creating web pages, web applications, and web content is a part of the everyday life of every web developer. Would you like to be a part of that world?

Those three are basically the highest paying tech jobs. However, those are only the official numbers. With tech jobs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to payment, and it depends on the company you work for.

What is the easiest tech job?

Whether a job is considered easy or not is a superficial way of thinking about matters at hand. We can say that it depends on your experience. On the one hand, if you are a senior developer or engineer with plenty of experience and, so to speak, every project is a piece of cake. On the other hand, you are still a junior you’ll still have a lot to learn and to work very hard to prove yourself.

Every tech job is challenging and demands a set of skills that is not easy to cultivate. Preparing oneself to start a tech job is time consuming. And if you choose to join a coding bootcamp or to obtain certifications – you’ll need to invest some money as well as personal time and effort.

Entry level tech jobs are testing. Before you get upgraded to a junior position, you need to prove to your superiors that you can work independently on projects and finish them on time, and make significant progress on the programming languages you work with.

Every tech employee will tell you that the beginning was the most difficult time. Proving yourself is never easy. Some people spend all their lives doing it.

Can you get a tech job without a degree?

Short answer: Yup!

Degrees in tech jobs are far from mandatory. However, there are certain nuances here. A degree in computer science will always be a bonus in your resume, no matter what tech job you are pursuing.

Again, it depends on the employer. Technically, it is possible to obtain some self-taught skills and/or get certifications. It also depends on the field. You can definitely make it as a game developer, but in cybersecurity, it’s not that easy to start without a degree.

Make sure you research the requirements of the field. (Before you decide on data science, for example.)

What are the best entry level tech jobs?

Some of the best entry level tech jobs are tech customer service jobs. Many people start their tech career as work from home tech support. You won’t be able to buy a yacht with the salary, but it will introduce you to the world of tech. It’s a good beginning, it will pay the bills, and it doesn’t require mind-boggling technical skills.

(Well, if you are one of those people who ask for help when they need to change the wallpaper on their phone, you better stay away from tech jobs altogether. In other words, you need to be a tech enthusiast at least!)

Another great opportunity is to start as a PC technician. It requires solid hardware skills, as well as understanding of operating systems.

Which of the tech jobs we showed you today caught your attention, guys?