What are your professional goals? Do you want to advance in a career field that stays consistent for the rest of your life? Are you an industry jumper who wants to experience multiple types of jobs in different fields? Would you prefer to run your own business and control the clients/customers that you work with?

Finding the right job is a decision that everyone has to make at some point in their lives. Whether it is directly out of school or after decades in another field, finding a new job can be difficult and scary.

Tech is one industry that continues to grow. It has a huge amount of diversity in terms of the types of jobs offered, so anyone who enjoys technology could probably find a role that fits their personality. With that being said, here are some tech jobs that will be in high demand in 2024 and beyond.

Data Scientist

The business world runs on data. The more information companies have, the easier it is to make informed decisions regarding internal operations, marketing, sales initiatives, supply chain directives, and more. Everything is affected by data, so it goes without saying that data science will continue to be a high-demand need in almost every industry. A data scientist is someone who may focus on statistical analysis, data mining, predictive analytics, visualization, and even machine learning. As the importance of data consistently grows, companies will look for data scientists to aid their data practices for collection, organizing, sharing, and interpreting. 

Cybersecurity Specialist

With the amount of data available online and how much companies depend on the Internet, security is more important than ever. Brands need customers to trust them, and if a business cannot keep client data secure, or their own, then profits will be severely limited. Specializing in cybersecurity in 2024 will be a skill set that is vastly needed across the country. It is a cycle of escalation. Security measures online have improved, so hackers and data thieves have developed new methods of getting around these barriers. As a result, cybersecurity has to get even stronger. If you have this type of knowledge, companies will hire you to protect their data and their customers’ information. 

Software Developer

Do you even realize how much you depend on software programs in your daily life? If you pick up your smartphone or hop on the computer, then you are using software. Learning the skills to be a software developer will position you as a leading candidate for many companies in all industries. If you’re based in KC, for example, you could get hired by a Kansas City software development company to help other businesses create custom programs. 

You could even offer your services as a freelancer on a contract basis to help companies build custom software that meets their operational needs. The average salary for a Software Engineer is $85220 per year in Kansas City, MO, so this can prove to be a pretty profitable career.

Cloud Engineer

You have probably heard of the cloud, and it is incredibly important in the business world. Cloud computing allows companies to rely on remote servers for their software application needs rather than paying for and maintaining on-premises networks. This saves them a lot of money and helps them unify their various applications onto one platform, promoting accessibility and scalability. If you are a specialist who can help develop and maintain this infrastructure as a cloud engineer, then your services will be highly sought-after. 

IT Support

Not everyone is a genius when it comes to handling computer technologies. So many things can go wrong with these complex systems, and businesses need experts who can help fix issues so that operations do not slow down or stop entirely. An IT support person can find a job in many industries because they can help companies and employees stay on track with their goals. If your skill set equips you to fix and maintain computers, networks, printers, or other devices, then you will have great professional prospects. 

Web Designer

Few businesses can be successful without a website. Some may even take the extra step of developing a custom mobile app for their companies. These platforms are often the first point of contact between a brand and its customers, so companies are willing to spend a lot of money on building a strong online presence. For this, they will rely on professional web designers. With your help, they can build a user-friendly platform that leads to higher conversions and more sales. 

Learn Tech Skills for Career Longevity

As you are searching for a new job in 2024 and beyond, tech skills are some of the most marketable to have as a candidate. If you are hoping for career longevity and a path that is very likely to lead to good job offers, then you can hardly go wrong pursuing some of the knowledge required for the positions mentioned in this article.