About Us

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Our Mission

We have dedicated our time and effort to help people find their dream job.

Our team of experts provides users with a better way to add value to every job hunt. It is our goal to make sure every job seeker gets the chance to apply for the best job positions in the field of technology.

On Leftronic.com every user can find additional information regarding their field of interest. Whether you are looking for a new career path, or you are a job hunter or a job poster, you can find specifics about every tech job that has been posted on our website.

Our content is frequently updated so every user will get the most recent information on any subject they research.

Who Are We? 

We’re a group of enthusiasts who decided to make life easier for all job seekers worldwide. Our team consists of SEO experts, developers, and designers, as well as crafty researchers and writers. 

Our passion for software and technology inspired us to create a website where hundreds of employees across the tech industry will find the right job postings. 

Why Did We Start Leftronic Jobs?

Before we decided to launch Leftronic Jobs, we worked on multiple projects. While exploring the depths of the World Wide Web, we came upon an astonishing stats which we share with you, the user.

When we dug deeper into the field of job posting, we realized that many people are struggling to perform the right search at the right time, to share their skills and knowledge in a way that their resume will get to the hands of the right employer. It’s a process and we’re here to help.  

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Meet Our Team

Our network of team leaders, managers and researchers is growing faster than ever. The more clients we have, the better we feel about our business endeavors. Here are the team leaders and managers we started our project with:

Harsha Reddy – SEO Expert

Harsha’s SEO and online marketing expertise date back to 2005 when he started his first website. Since then, the various projects he’s worked on have brought him an extensive knowledge of Google and all the complex aspects associated with the world’s largest search engine.

Raj Vardhman – The Dev Guy

Sharing the same enthusiasm for internet marketing as Harsha, Raj enjoys reading and following the work of the world’s most prominent SEO experts. This, plus his terrific knowledge of WordPress, makes him a valuable addition to the Leftronic team.

Darko Jacimovic – Marketing Expert and SEO Analyst

Due to his past experience in digital marketing and content writing, Darko is the person in charge of creating a brilliant content strategy that will provide valuable insights and engage all of Leftronic’s visitors.

Darina Lynkova – Content Strategy

Darina is a the organisational type – she’s the one that coordinates the workflow and guides the writers towards improving their style and quality of content. She is the one that manages every task and deadline and her attention to detail works miracles when combined with the skill to search for the hottest topics for Leftronic.

Marko Milijic – Chief Researcher

Marko is our main researcher in the field of tech and software. His dedication to the mission of Leftronic makes him the perfect choice for our team that we simply can’t go without.