IT companies were responsible for the most significant leaps in research and were the most potent motivators of global economic growth during the last few decades. These companies are also the main powerhouses of US economic development and influence billions of lives worldwide.

The never-ending pursuit of perfection in consumer products creates new research developments and new job opportunities. So sit back and find out what companies are the best in the technology field when it comes to career opportunities.

Understanding the Technology Sector

So, what is information technology, and what services are included in this large industry? That definition is constantly evolving. What started as a collection of computing hardware, semiconductors, and communication equipment has been dramatically expanded in the following decades. Today, companies that work in the software, digital, or internet technologies markets, such as cloud computing, e-commerce, and social media, are also considered part of the information technology sector.

Things can definitely get confusing. For example, Netflix often ends up on the lists of best software companies to work for despite not technically being a software-focused company. They do, however, deal in entertainment software and provide online streaming services. Disney is a classic entertainment-driven company that made its fortune on cartoons and amusement parks but is nowadays also heavily investing in gaming and streaming software.

Corporations from the tech sector research, code, produce and distribute technological devices and services. They invest a lot in every aspect of software and hardware creation, marketing, and customer support which creates jobs in many categories that previously didn’t even exist.

The Tech Giants, also known as the Big 5, are some of the largest companies in the US that control their primary businesses, like search engines, social media, e-commerce, office software, and smartphones. We will include them in the list of top tech companies and members of the FAANG information technology stocks, dominant industry giants whose stocks had unparalleled returns in the last couple of years.

The Best Companies in the Technological Sector Today

We’ve included the essential key tech players that operate in the US and are available on the global market. You’ll find what their total stock worth, their primary business, and what kind of new talents they are looking for the most is. Let’s start with the leading IT company and international business juggernaut.

1. Apple

Market Capitalization: $2.448 trillion

Revenue in 2020: $274.515 billion

Number of Employees: 147,000

Apple Inc. works predominantly in the consumer electronics sector. This tech industry mammoth designs, builds, and markets smartphones, tablets, wearable, home entertainment devices, personal computers, and more. The company owns some of the most recognizable brands, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and Mac. 

It is also well versed in developing software and services with one of the longest histories of software development in the IT industry. iOS, OS X, and watchOS are well-known operating systems, along with services like Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple also has a digital content store, the AppStore, and a streaming service, Apple+, launched in 2019.

Apple Inc is one of the biggest American IT companies and is always on the lookout for new hires in retail, design, hardware, machine learning, AI, marketing, software, service, and more. Whether you’re looking for a job as a business expert, software engineer, technical support advisor, or even an audio data engineer, you’ll find your place in this highly innovative and powerful corporation in no time.

2. Microsoft

Market Capitalization: $2.252 trillion

Revenue (2021):  $168.088 billion

Number of Employees: 182,268

Microsoft Corporation mainly works in the infrastructure software business. It’s one of the largest tech companies in the US, specializing in developing, licensing, selling, and supporting software products. Their most important product is Microsoft Windows, an iconic operating system. The company is also behind the Microsoft Office package, Internet Explorer/Edge web browsers, Microsoft Surface portable devices, and plenty of other consumer hardware.

Of course, the main income driver is the Windows operating system and enterprise software, but Microsoft also makes a lot of money on the Xbox console. Azure, a cloud platform service, has had a thriving revenue and contributed significantly to Microsoft’s profit in the last couple of years, too. Not only is Microsoft one of the top tech companies to work for, but it also owns the LinkedIn service, the most popular social network for job companies looking for employees.

Microsoft offers many scholarship programs, internships, and full-time jobs for students and graduates. The company has learning modules at the University of Oxford, Carnegie Mellon University, and UC Berkeley, focusing on Azure development and cloud computing. Microsoft is always looking for software engineers, IT service ops associates, and logistics technicians, among many other open positions.

3. Amazon

Market Capitalization: $1.747 trillion

Total Revenue (2020): $386.064 billion

Number of Employees: 1,298,000

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Amazon focuses mainly on internet retail. This multinational conglomerate works with artificial intelligence, e-commerce, digital streaming, and cloud computing. The store is the undisputed e-commerce leader in the US and one of the largest virtual marketplaces in the world. The company also bought Whole Foods Market to move into a brick-and-mortar retail business. Amazon started as an online bookstore and now also owns AbeBooks and Goodreads.

Amazon keeps expanding its business, often in an aggressive manner, but never fails to enlarge its influence and profits, endangering even the best tech companies with its rapid growth into numerous IT sectors. The company also dabbles in videogame development, electronics, publishing, and streaming with Amazon Prime. Then there are the Kindle e-book readers, Echo smart speakers, Fire TV digital media players, and more. The development team also works on the virtual assistant Alexa, Amazon Web Services, and the Kindle Store cloud computing platform.

As a huge multinational conglomerate, has internships and regular job opportunities for students, and an extensive software development section. Amazon has a vast number of available job positions, such as HR assistant, data center chief engineer, copywriter, and AWS solutions architect, among many others.

4. Alphabet

Market Capitalization: $1.904 trillion

Revenue in 2020: $182.53 billion

Number of Employees: 135,301

When anyone talks about IT and tech firms, it’s hard to avoid mentioning the elephant in the room - the tech giants, Google. In 2015, Google Inc went through a restructuring and created a parent company called Alphabet Inc. Today, Google is just one of Alphabet’s subsidiaries, which also include companies like Calico (biotechnology), Chronicle (cybersecurity), DeepMind (artificial intelligence), and Waymo (self-driving tech).

Google primarily works in the IT industry sector, while other Alphabet subsidiaries focus on different aspects. DeepMind works on artificial intelligence; Calico develops biotechnology; Makani specializes in wind turbines; Verily on life sciences, and so on.

As one of the leading tech companies, Alphabet offers scores of job employment opportunities globally. You’ll find jobs such as sales development representative, software engineer, quantum machine learning research scientist, and more - and this is just if we look at the Google subsidiary. The company regularly posts new jobs in the US, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and Ireland, to name just a few countries.

5. Facebook

Market Capitalization: $1.061 trillion

Revenue in 2020: $85.97 billion

Number of Employees: 60,654

Facebook Inc works predominantly in the areas of internet content and information. Their flagship social networking service needs no introduction. It was one of the first megapopular social media sites globally, and many people find Facebook to be one of the best tech companies to work for. Today, Facebook has around 2.90 billion active monthly users, and while other social networks have started becoming more popular with young people, it’s still a massive factor worldwide.

What is now a megacorp worth over a trillion USD started as a social network exclusively for students of Harvard University - at the time, it was called FaceMash. However, it soon became publicly available and quickly garnered over 2 billion users worldwide. Today, you can access Facebook on nearly any kind of smart device, and it’s one of the leading technology companies that focuses on much more than just social media. The parent company, Facebook Inc, has greatly expanded its business through various mergers over the years. It now manufactures Oculus Quest virtual reality gaming headsets, owns game development companies, and has bought other online social media and messengers, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Giphy.

As a company with several business interests, Facebook Inc offers prospective career opportunities around the globe. As technology makers, they are always looking for technical artists, SAP security professionals, software programmers, and more.

6. Samsung

Market Capitalization: $400.66 billion

Revenue in 2020: $211.5 billion

Number of Employees: 287,439

Samsung is South Korea’s tech giant most famous for its consumer electronics, smartphones, information technology, and communications technologies, though they dabble in many other fields, too. Samsung is Apple’s main competitor in the mobile phone industry. Its smartphone-related business arm makes about 40% of the total revenue with its popular line of Galaxy phones and tablets.

Besides products that Samsung is famous for, like semiconductors, LCD and OLED displays, SSDs and HDDs, the company also manufactures wind turbines, engines, and many other products that its different subsidiaries are in charge of. Samsung Electronics is among the biggest tech companies globally, and therefore it’s understandable that it has four main divisions. Those are Digital Media, Information & Communications, Semiconductors, and Home Appliances.

As a multinational company, Samsung has plenty of opportunities for IT specialists, engineers, marketing experts, internship positions, experienced managers, and project leads.

7. Nvidia

Market Capitalization: $554.27 billion

Revenue in 2020: 10.92 billion

Number of Employees: 18,100

Nvidia Corporation focuses on semiconductors and is widely famous for its GeForce series of graphic processing units for personal computers. GeForce graphics cards are primarily used in analytics, deep learning, and gaming. When gamers are asked what companies are the best in the technology field, Nvidia will often be the answer. They also develop “system on a chip” units employed in the automotive and mobile computing industry. 

This tech manufacturer is also continuously expanding its software and hardware business. The corporation produces Shield handheld devices and Tegra mobile processors. On the software side, GeForce Now is a game streaming platform, and Nvidia Ansel is a robust gaming video capture tool. The company also produces supercomputer chips, most of which are dedicated to scientific research and the development of artificial intelligence.

Nvidia Corporation has open offices in 30 countries, and it primarily offers research and engineering job applications. Job applications for machine learning engineer developers, design automation research scientists, or senior software engineers are easy to find. Like many other information technology businesses, Nvidia has a lot more to offer outside of the purely tech-related jobs. The company regularly posts many sales, marketing, finance, and human resources job offers.

8. Intel

Market Capitalization: $217.13 billion

Revenue in 2020: $77.9 billion

Number of Employees: 110,600

Intel Corporation is one of the leading companies that manufacture semiconductor chips, and its revenue reflects that. The company was incorporated in 1968 and since then has worked with other major IT companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and many others. The company also develops computing, storage, communication, and networking solutions. 

As one of the biggest tech companies in the world, most famous for its consumer and enterprise-grade CPUs, it also expanded its focus with the development of artificial intelligence, solid-state drives (SSDs), and self-driving car technology. 

Intel is always looking for all kinds of engineers that work on software, circuit design and memory design. The company employs both young and experienced workers and has graduate programs for prospective employees. Furthermore, as a large company, it has plenty of management positions and non-IT postings in other fields such as HR and marketing. Intel Corporation is undoubtedly the best tech company to work for if you want to be on the frontier of new technologies.

9. PayPal

Market Capitalization: $331.64 billion

Revenue in 2020: $21.45 billion

Number of Employees: 26,500

PayPal Holdings Inc is a well-known international online payment system and one of the most trusted brands in its field. PayPal’s services are available in over 200 countries in limited or full capacity. PayPal protects users’ credit card data while they purchase online and assists online vendors with transactions for a fee. eBay purchased this company in 2002 before it became independent again in 2015.

PayPal Holdings Inc. offers a genuinely diverse palette of open job positions. As one of the more prominent technology industry companies, PayPal has job applications for cryptocurrency and blockchain engineers, legal team, finance, product managers, designers, and engineers. What we’ve mentioned here is a fraction of available job categories and postings.

10. Netflix

Market Capitalization: $255.71 billion

Revenue in 2020: $25 billion

Number of Employees: 12,135

Netflix Inc is a leader in subscription-based, video-on-demand entertainment services. The company offers a vast collection of TV shows, movies, and cartoons. Besides streaming, users can rent or buy specific movie content. In 2018, Netflix Inc made the Fortune 500 list and is often cited as one of the ​​​​best tech companies to work for. In 2020, this streaming platform had over 203 million active monthly users.

Besides owning several headquarters and offices worldwide, Netflix Inc has production and post-production locations and is actively considering getting into video gaming, too. This streaming juggernaut offers jobs in nearly any IT category to people from the US, Spain, India, Japan, and other countries. The company has fantastic career options for senior JavaScript engineers, machine learning interns, various marketing-related professions, and even iOS engineers.

The Time To Apply Is Now

No matter which IT branch you’re coming from, there has never been a better time to apply for your dream job than now. We’ve shown you some of the best tech companies in the world and the massive employment potential they carry. You merely have to take the next logical step and apply for your job of choice. We wish you good luck in your job search!